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The Craziest College Town Happy Hours

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When it comes to going out and grabbing a drink with friends, it’s easy to find yourself at the same bar, skimming through the same happy hour menu each week. Not only can the whole process start to feel mundane and repetitive, it can also begin tearing a gaping hole in your wallet. Get out of your bar hopping comfort zone by checking out these crazy happy hour specials in college towns across the country.

The "Brunchzilla"

@ Nitty Gritty in Madison, WI


This bar and grill located just one block north of University of Wisconsin’s Kohl Center takes brunch to a whole new level with their signature Brunchzilla Bloody Mary. Nitty Gritty puts an innovative twist on this brunch classic by garnishing the cocktail with a sausage link, bacon, cheese, pickle, olive, and last but not least, the Gritty house burger. If that wasn’t enough, a pint of beer on the side is also included to wash down this monster of a beverage. The Brunchzilla is normally offered for $15, but Hooked offers you and your friends $5 off this unique, picture-perfect brunch experience.

Champagne Ladies' Night

@ The Yeti Bar and Grill in Fort Collins, CO


What do girls love more than a GNO and champagne? Not paying a dime for it. Every Thursday night, The Yeti Bar and Grill offers 2 free glasses of champagne to any lady presenting this exclusive Hooked deal on their device. The best part is there is no purchase necessary. You and your girlfriends enjoy two free rounds of drinks entirely on us. Unfortunately, this offer cannot be redeemed by you men out there, but at least you know where the Fort Collins ladies are heading on their Thursday nights.

Curbside Daiquiris

@ Daiquiri Barn in Bryan/College Station, TX


A drive thru liquor store may have been considered the epitome of an oxymoron before Daiquiri Barn landed in the town home to Texas A&M University. Don’t want to change out of your pajamas to grab a drink? No problem. This ultimate convenient store offers students and locals a quick buzz without having to take a step outside the comfort of their vehicle. Their extensive menu has 60 unique flavor options such as Jolly Rancher, Fruit Roll Up, and Jungle Juice just to highlight a few. With Hooked's exclusive offers, users can redeem deals such “Two Free Shot Tuesday” and “Two Large Daiquiris for $14” all while kicking back and relaxing in the car.

A Tea with a Kick

@ Kavakaze in Tallahassee, FL


When you find yourself needing a break from the typical bar and nightlife scene, Kavakaze is the place to go. This student run “bar” strays away from the traditional alcoholic beverage and instead offers their customers a unique kind of sensation through a root of the western Pacific called Kava . The plant is brewed into a tea-like beverage, giving consumers a relaxing, functional buzz standing out from other types of substances. The owner of Kavakaze being a student at Florida State University himself understands the struggle of being on budget and offers Hooked deals such as $2 off tea.

Coin Toss Drink Discount

State Street Brats in Madison, WI


This popular bar in heart of downtown Madison offers an interactive deal that is too awesome to pass up. If you were to wander into State Street Brats on a Tuesday night, you might be confused as to why customers are flipping coins with the bartender. This local hotspot offers 75% off a customer’s tab if they correctly call heads or tails in a coin toss. It can obviously be a huge bummer to miss out on only paying 25% of your bill. That’s why Hooked decided to doubles users' chances at receiving that massive discount. Show an employee this exclusive deal through the app and they will grant you a second coin flip, no questions asked.


With Hooked specials like these and countless others across the country, there is no reason to bore yourself with another basic happy hour experience.  Break your usual routine and get out there to explore all the ridiculous happy hour twists your college town has to offer.