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Hooked's Partnership with the University of Wisconsin's On-Campus Dining Enters Into Year 3

In addition to the 50+ Madison based restaurants, Hooked has extended its partnership with 22 of UW's on-campus locations that run exclusive deal promotions through the app. Last year, Hooked promotions targeted more than 17,000 UW students on their mobile devices.

"One of the unique solutions that Hooked offers is the ability to drive sales during specific hours of the day. If we know that Wednesday's between 2-5pm are typically going to be slower, Hooked will help provide that added boost in purchases from nearby student customers looking where to go," said The University of Wisconsin's Marketing Account Representative, Meghan Roberts Wollack.

"Hooked has proven that it is a staple amongst college campuses. We're excited by this continued partnership as it proves that Hooked is triggering offline purchases as a result of the targeted online campaigns," said Hooked's Head of Business Development, Kyle Nathanson.

For more information, please contact Hooked's Communication Director, Kamelyn Bovinette at kamelyn@hookedapp.com.